Job Seekers of Montclair


Fourth Quarter 2017   (Download the schedule)   (Download the poster)

September 27

Coping with Change
• Understanding your feelings
• Coping with stress
• Gain control
• Opportunities of growth

October 4

Handling your finances
• Preparing a budget
• Dealing with banks and creditors
• Credit Cards
• Unemployment benefits and subsidies

October 11

Recognizing your accomplishments
• Knowing and understanding yourself
• Personal assessment inventory
• Am I who I think I am?
• Assets and liabilities

October 18

Research for targeting your job search
• Identifying industries and companies
• Considering company culture and size
• Developing a plan of action
• Finding the right fit with an organization

October 25

Job search techniques
• Using the Internet
• Informational interviewing
• Directory of Organizations
• Work Search Teams

  • Recruiters

November 1

Developing your resume
• The message: What do I want to communicate
• Styles: functional, chronological, etc.
• Summarizing PAR's

November 8

Cover Letters, Thank-You Letters and References
• Designing effective cover letters
• Telephone etiquette and effective use
• Thank you letters and their place

November 15

Understanding Networking
• What is it? How does it work?
• Techniques to manage an effective network
• Overcoming networking fears

  • Media and Social Networking

  • Internet Networking

November 29

Managing your interviews

• Types of Interviews

• Preparation

• Answering: “Why Should I Hire You?”

• The Second Session of This Topic Includes a Practical Workshop

December 6

Interviewing workshop
• In this workshop, job seekers have an opportunity to pair up and practice asking and answering interview questions. You get valuable feedback from your partner and the facilitator and have an opportunity to role play. Here are some sample questions to practice with on your own.

December 13

Dealing with road blocks and setting goals
• Recognizing common blocks
• How to move beyond the blocks or avoid them
• Where to find motivation and support
• Long and short term goal setting

December 20

Holiday Party for Participants